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I'm sorry that you have this disorder. Dont give up! Embolization is the first step to getting this "thing" under control. The procedure sounds alot scarier then what it is. I may be saying that only because I've been thru so many, i know I was afraid the first time too. I think it may help you too know that you are getting control of the AVM now instead of it controling you, always keep that in mind because the disorder does make you feel out of control of your own life sometimes so it is important to get your mind set that you can beat this no matter what it does and you wont allow it to take over your life. I know it sounds easier to say then do and sometimes it is, but as long as you keep strong emotionaly you will get thru this so much better. I believe the stronger you are emotionally the better you will feel physically. It is an ongoing battle of control but I believe you can do it and as soon as you believe it you will be so much stronger. Feel free to email me at anytime and i will be happy to help you thru this if I can. You arent as alone as you may feel you are. I'm glad you are getting pain management but please beware of the "quick fixes" because they do have lasting effects on your body if your on them to long. Please get informed of all side effects especially the long term effects. Keep in mind that there may be many embolizations in your future but you are gaining control with each procedure and you will conquer this! Believe in yourself!!!! Please let me know how your doing.
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