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Hey Becca's mom,

I'm very happy to hear that you daughter got treatment and most of her birthmark is gone. I'm 18 and I grew up with a birthmark under my nose. Honestly, yes I would have the say growing up was quite hard. I would get the stares, the laughs, the teases.. I would get angry and sad but I'm very surprised not to have gotten into any fights because of my birthmark. But I found out that after people get used to it, they would just look past it and not care. I was in the same school from grade 2 -> grade 7 for elementary, then grade 8 -> grade 12 for high school. When I was a young age, the other kids didn't really care because I bet they didn't even know what it was. I made alot of friends and we grew up together and everyone just got used to it. When high school came, the first couple of weeks were hard.. it was a large school of 2000 people, many of which I've never seen before and vice versa. Many stared at me and some laughed about it, but after a while, people got used to it again. I made many new friends and high school was some of the best times and very very enjoyable. Best of luck with your daughter and hope she can have it completely removed asap

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