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Default Re:Pain in Hemangeomas

Hi Beetobanana, My name is Hank. I am glad to hear that you found this site. I am 20 years old with several H's on my head.
I was wondering how old are you?
Second you did not put in a vote. You will have to go in and do it seprate from a message.
Well I know one syndrome that you probably have is Sturge-weber syndrome. I have that but it is not in all people that have H's or glacoma, or Port Wine Stains.
If you are interested in learning more about sturge-weber you can go to their website the address is Sturge-weber is a foundation I belong to and is similar to this foundation, but has different topics.

If there is any questions you would like to ask me please do I am here for you to answer questions.

Talk to you soon.

Hank B
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