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Ok heres a long story - I found this website just tonite, I am a huge fan of Clay Aiken and I see on Clayreport where he's donated things for your fundraiser - and I wonder if this is what my daughter had - so heres my story,* 18 years ago I gave birth to my 4th and 5th child, a boy and girl set of twins, my daughter Jodi had a birthmark on her backside cheek, the doctors all said its just a birthmark, it was red and raised off her skin and covered a great deal of her cheek and went far enough up so that you could see it out her diaper a little.* When she was about 3 weeks old she started bleeding from her birthmark, I took her to the doctor immediately, he told me he really had no idea why this was happening to her and decided to do a baenima exray the next morning, imagine not being able to feed a 3 week old child from midnite till the test was done, not fun.* The test didn;t reveal anything so he said just to keep a close eye on her.* A while after that open sore blisters were growing on her birthmark, I took her back to the doctor right away, he again said he didn;t have any idea so we went to a dermotologist who said it was rare but* nothing to worry about.* He gave me Silvadine and some other type of liquid medicine to put on her, while the original sores were healing you could still see through the thin layer of skin and others were still forming, our next visit to the doctor he told me she was doing great, I was a great mom, keep doing what I was doing and he would see us in 2 weeks.* Before that 2 weeks came her birthmark turned completely black, rushed her to the hospital immediately.* They worked on her at our local hospital for about 5 hours and then put her in life flight to go to Atlanta Egelstons childrens hospital, theres another part of the story on how we got lost and they took her to another hospital and so on but thats not really important, anyway she died in the helicopter before she ever made it to the hospital.* I know its been 18 years ago but she never* leaves my mind and I need to know could this have been what she died of?*Her twin brother Jeffrey is a very handsome 18 year old young man. I still need answers - any help would be appreciated - thank you
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