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Hi my name is Vida, I am nine years old.* I have a h on my forehead.* I've had it since I was four months old.* I also have a deep h on my breast.* Since I was small they, the DR, told my parents that they would go away.* They said by the time I'd be nine that they would be gone.* Well the one on my forehead has completly lost its color and it has shrunk.* The one on by breast has shrunk some as well.*
My dad is in the military so in the past years we have moved alot and that has been hard because I've been in many schools.* Although my hemangioma is getting smaller, I still deal with alot of mean kids.* I am a very outgoing happy person, so I just go about my way and ignore them, but the truth is that it still hurts!* At times I feel left out, but actually it is standout!*
My mom showed me this website.* When we first came here, to the web site, I thought I had a bad situation.* I felt I was the only one dealing with this subject.* Now I see I'm not the only one and my case isn't as bad as others posted.
I now feel better knowing I'm not the only one and if there is anyone out there that feels isolated by this and needs a friend to chat with, I am here. * * I also came here looking for someone to talk to about my feelings and living with a hemangioma.*
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