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Default Re: Looking for info or Support about a VB for yourself or a Youth or older?

Hi J. Boyd,

Elissa is right technology has greatly improved in the ten years you have not had any laser treatment.

I am 22 with PWS/SWS (Port Wine Stain birthmark/Sturge Weber Syndrome).

Has your son been ruled out for SWS? Conditions thar are related are seizures, glaucoma, and PWS on the brain.
I only have the PWS on the brain, even though I have PWS in my eyes as well. I just a very high risk of getting glaucoma.

At your son's age he should be checked for glaucoma every 6 to 12 months depending on the what the opthomologist thinks. If his pressure was below normal that is good, and every 12 months would be fine. High pressure is one sign of glaucoma and should be check every 6 months.

I started laser treatment 17 years ago about 14 years off and on. The V-Beam Pulse Dye Laser is the newest laser out there and it is very effective in most cases, and is three times as fast as the laser used 10 years ago in Nebraska. I do not even need a numbing for the V-Beam I get it straight. They would put a shield under his eyelid to do the treatment.

Yes you are correct laser treatment can remove the PWS but will have to have touch up treatments every 10 to 15 years. Technology is not good enough to remove it permently.

When it comes to insurance you have to make sure they do not consider it cosmetic surgery. What insurance do you have? If you find a doctor that particpates with your insurance it will cover allot of it. I have Blue Cross Bue Shields and they have covered me for all my treatments and surgeries.

I hope this helps,


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