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Default Questions about Dr. Waner consult

I FINALLY got a consult with Dr. Waner, and will be making the trip up to NYC from Kentucky late next month. Danielle gave me the name of a couple of potential places to stay near their offices, but I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations. I just bought my first home and have student loans, so I am on a VERY tight budget!

Also, I am 31, and my VM is very deeply embedded in my right cheek. Not the bluish VMs you often see (except under my eye), but makes my cheek very large. I've had many surgeries through my childhood, and view Dr. Waner as my last hope to get rid of this thing, at least in part. Most doctors (regular plastic surgeons, not experts on this issue) have told me that it is so deep and near major nerves that there is nothing that can be done. Anyone with any similar experiences, I'd love to hear your story if you can give me a little hope. I just got my appointment, so I'm a bundle of excitement and fear. What can I expect from the consult?
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