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Default Social Issues

Hi everybody,

I know a few parents where talking about wanting to learn more about the social issues that your children might run into as they get older.

There are different stages of social issues in my opinion.

First stage:

In the years before a child starts school they are still developing in their mind. They might have a few friends of the family, or kids in the neighberhood. If these friends are in the same age group and going to be in the same school/grade they can be a factor in how your child makes friends in school. I suggest a lot of get togethers (with the parents), birthday parties, etc, etc. You want to have the other children to not feel uneasy around your child (accepting them for who they are).

Second Stage:

Elementry school will be very hard for your child. I had many days coming home crying because kids are very mean. Have sleep overs, birthday parties, continue the get togethers. I had ADHD/ADD when I was in this stage and I felt stupid sometimes because I was in Special ED thru High School.
In Elementry school I had to take meds to control my hypyerness which made me feel different.

Third Stage:

Middle school will be a little better since the kids will be starting to mature and go into puberty. Dating issues will start to come up, but that is a different topic. Suggest trying encourage your child to particapate in school activities: Band, sports, art, or what ever he/she is interested in.

This will be the stage where if your child feels like an outsider he/she will start getting into trouble for attention.

Four Stage:

High School and the begining of adult hood.
This is the stage when your child will know his/her place. I was kind of lonely in high school. No relationships or dating. I had a lot of guy and girl friends but that was it.
By this time not very many people made jokes about my PWS. Teenagers are Teenagers at this point.

It depends on the condition of your child whether they are safe to live on their own. Some with SWS are not because of seizure activity, and will live with their parents for their life. Most of the children will be on their own after school, as long as they have a goal in sight. Do not let your child think just because they have a VB does not mean they can not live out their dreams!!!!

If people say you can't do it, tell your child to prove them wrong. It will fuel them to succeed.

This is just my opinion, and remember I lived in the same town growing up. I know moving around must be even harder for the child. Dyan can add to this.

I guess taking childhood education and psycology classes pay off after a while hu.

If anybody has any questions or comments please ask. If I do not know the answer someone here probably does.

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