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There was some discussion about this awhile back, and the verdict seemed to be that doctors say it is not supposed to be a genetic thing. However, I have a friend who has 2 little girls and the oldest one was born with a strawberry hemangioma on her bottom, which eventually has faded away almost completely. The baby also was born with one on the back of her shoulder. So this makes me think that yes, it really must be something that runs in families. We were hoping that some studies had been done on this, or that hopefully someone would do some studies on it. I haven't heard of any though. We just had another baby girl 4 weeks ago, and she also has a slight red spot on her forehead in the same place my other daughters was. So far though, it hasn't grown; her sisters was already starting to be raised slightly by age 4 weeks. I sure hope that your son turns out to be fine! That was my greatest fear when we decided to have another child... that it would also be born with a hemangioma. Good luck!!
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