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Hi Becca's Mommy!
I got teased quite a bit as a kid. My parents went from doc to doc trying to find a good treatment. They were not too keen on what was available so we waited till I was older. I totally respect their decision, given most of the old time treatments had rather deleterious side effects. To be honest, I have good self esteem. I am no more or less insecure than anyone else. There are times when I find myself over compensating in one way or another. However; I do not allow my birthmark to stop me from doing things. I have many very wonderful friends. I am outgoing. I work in a field that requires me to constantly be meeting new people and establishing a raport.
The secret is, just be there for Becca. Whatever you decide is the right thing at the moment. Anyone can be a Monday morning quaterback and retrospectively say that "we should have done, x, y, z". I am sure you are very loving and supportive. Becca will be just fine with a mom like you in her corner. When kids tease her, it's really important that she understand, that it is not her. She may look different, but that does not make her any less than anyone else.
Good luck!!!!!
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