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Hi Hank,

I'm sorry if I made it sound like it was easy, it wasn't. It takes a lot of soul searching and self analysis to be happy on your own (I'm feeling rather Dr. Phil-esque this morning, lol ;D)

It isn't easy at all, but for me, the benefits were so worthwhile - I became more confident, more open (I honestly don't care why strangers are looking at me, I smile and say hi as if there isn't a thing different about me) and less concerned with what others thought or how they perceived me.

Like I've said before, it took one heck of a 'life is too short' moment for me to get past all of the 'junk' of my adolescence and learn to love myself for who I am, not who I wanted to be. Wow, how's that for preachy. I'm sorry if I've rambled.

Let me just say that you are still very young Hank. You have plenty of time to think about children and find the perfect someone. You have a heart of gold and I know that someday you will find a person who will love you exactly the way that you are.

Have a great day!
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