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Hi Clevelanders! We also took our daughter to see Dr. Papay and he was great. He sent us to Dr. Vidimos who did some laser surgery for our daughter. The plan was to help the hem. involute with laser and then Papay would do surgery. Once I did an on-line with Dr. Waner, he said that laser wasn't the best for isabella's hemangioma. Also, Dr. Papay mentioned that he would do a skin graft (which would require two surgeries - one to get the skin and one to remove the hem.) Dr. Waner's technique only requires one surgery. I think the most important thing is the get the best course of treatment for your child's particular birthmark.
I'd love to chat and hear your stories - you can email me at if you want to 'talk.'
p.s. I think Konez is now at St. John Westshore in Westlake.
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