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Hi everyone! I am new here and* I thought I would share my story of growing up with a hemangioma....

I was born in 1980, I was born with 3 birthmarks on my neck and one on each leg...and a strawberry on my head.* Two of my birthmarks went away and the one on my right leg has always been with me.* This birthmark covers 3/4 of my leg and has slowly grown in size over the years.* My parents really did not show concern until I started having pain in my leg.* I was refereed to a specialist at our local children's hospital when I was 13.* They told me that I would have to go through numerous painful operations in order for me to correct my problem....and also informed me that I may never walk normal again after the operations.*

I only wear shorts around the house and on the rare occasion that I wore shorts to school the kids would always ask me if I had gotten burnt or something.* The coloring I am OK's just the swelling that really bothers me...even if I am wearing jeans you can tell that there is a big lump there.* I have always bruised easily on my leg and it makes me very self conscious.*
My parents decided against the operations (mainly due to the fact that my health was not at risk and it would be purely cosmetic) but I wound up on bed rest when I was pregnant for a fear of blood clots in my leg.* I wear a medical stocking on my leg when it starts to get that crampy feeling and so far so good.*

All in all I would say that I led a normal childhood...everyone has a blemish..some bigger than others.* I still played sports in school and I still had lots of friends!*
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