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Iam very new to this site and I have a lot of questions. First this is our story. Our daughter who is 9 has cystic hygroma. She has had 4 surgeries. On May 4th she was injected with the Ok-432 (aka) Picibanil. Wondering if someone had info on why you should not try Ok-432 after surgery. Research just states that it must be over 6 months after surgery before you can be injected. The doctor my daughter goes to wait until the cyst is soft before doing the next injection. And they find that they have a high success rate. We know that injection after surgery is not the best option. But the injection was really the only safe option she has at this point. So far her reaction has been good. She will most likely have to have another injection in August. But we will know more at her 8 week check up. On the day they injected my daughter two other children were also being injected. I do agree that the injection should be the first thing to try if you can. That was not the case with my daughter. Thanks for having a great site. Hard to find.
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