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hello, my son was also born with a strawberry. it started a very small pink mark on his cheek then over a couple months it grew to the size of a pea.. he;s now 6 months and my family has told me it isnt getting any larger.. i really cant tell because i see him everyday and i am very aware of it.. it doesnt seem to bother my husband but it really bothered me in the beginning bc i didnt know how big it would get and that was scary! i have done alot of research on htis topic bc i was thinking of having it removed in the earlier stages.. but with no luck from any doctors i just thought maybe i am blowing out of proportion?? it is relativily small compared to some that i have seen online.. so we will wait and see i guess. living in ontario it is very hard to even get a referal to see a speacialist.. let me know the progess of your childs hemangioma and i will also keep you updated...
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