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Tamara Dawn
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Default question about venous malformation?

Has anyone ever noticed that their venous malformation got extremely lighter and less thick?
My daughter kandaces was a purple-to-dark blue almost black it looked dead almost(because of the color) and kinda thick the last couple of days I have noticed its pink and looks more normal it still gets thick and the darkest its gotten is more red/light purple thats when she crys. Its her whole left ear and behind on her neck(its noticably gotten lighter also) her ear has gotten more defined because the thickening has gone down. Its really pretty now (because its pink). I thought I was crazy or just hoping it was gone so much i kinda immagined it, but I have asked my husband and the rest of our family and they all agreed with me that it looks so much better.
any information or help would be appreciated.
Thanks Tamara
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