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Default Re: Need info on Dr. Yakes

Hi Stacie,

Pain is not typical??? Okay, let him have a VM for awhile! Dr.Yakes is great, my parents also doubted my pain only because to them it looked okay other than the swelling. Dr.Yakes told them it was very painful, because of the blood pooling and causing clots.
After sclerotherapy, it was really painful but the nurses kept pushing morphine and another painkiller so pain wise it was bearable. I came out of the GA, fine, no problems which was nice. I did have alot of swelling it was crazy how bad the swelling was and still is swollen almost 4 weeks later, I hadmine done May 25th.
I didn't stay overnight in the hospital, due to my lack of insurance I think, Dr.Yakes was trying to make it as cheap as possible I stayed in the recovery for about 5 hours but I was so dopey it felt like 20 minutes.
Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions!
P.S. Dr.Yakes' office will get back to you pretty quick after reading the MRI, it took about a week in a half..a little longer than normal becuase Julie ( his nurse) was on vacation and she reads the MRI's.
Keep us updated on your progress!

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