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Just wanted to comment on hemangiomas and siblings. I am also searching for more definitive studies of this subject. My oldest son, now age 31, was born with a hemangioma on his shoulder about the size of a nickel and disappeared by age 5. My second son, now age 27, was born with a lymphangioma on one side of his face. It affected his check and upper lip area and causes the cheek to be puffy looking and the lip to be puffy and drooping down. As a baby and child it was very pronounced, as an adult he has grown into it somewhat. We were told his vascular birthmark was mild and advised not to do surgery. my sons are in relationships that could lead to marriage, I feel they need to be informed if they could pass this on to their children. As a note, my sons father was born with a hemangioma. Sure appears that vascular birthmarks are least in our family.
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