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I am Bearsmom,

Sorry to start all this trouble however I am as protective of my child as a bear mom. That why I chose bearsmom. Some info about OK-432. This is taken right from a dr's report in 2002. OK-432 is a product of low virulent bacteria strain, Type III, Group A streptococcus biogonese that has been incubated with penicillin G. It is not a virus. This injection helps your body fight the cyst, it scars the walls and when scars touch one nother they grow together never to fill up again is the best lay way I can tell you what it does. Larger the area to glue together the better. I agree only skill dr will ever treat my daughter and it just happens to be my daughter dr. We will leave the cyst in as of right now. Will not know how much is "glued" together until MRI. However marble is now pea size. And does not interfer with her daily living. On May 4th injection June our daughter had a swim meet, no sore throat, no sitting and watching her friends play, and no crying because her throat felt funny. THAT IS a success right there. A nine year old being nine years old. Sorry about all this fuss but I just ask a question " why is someone say no injection after surgery. As a nurse I tend to ask a lot of medical question just so I can learn something new that might help someone else later on. Just why I became a nurse to help, the weak. helpless and needy. If my question upset anyone sorry. Lora
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