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Default Re: Skin Grafting for port wine stains, any luck out there?

Hi De,

From what I know laser treatment is going to help more then skin grafting. Skin grafting will not remove the PWS at all from what I know.

If you think Laser treatment is not helping maybe you should get a second opinion. What type of laser are they using on you? The V-Beam Pulse Dye Laser is the most effective one out there right now. I have used it on my facial PWS. It does not scar, is very fast, and is even same of infants.

If you are fed up on laser treatment and trust me I know what you mean after doing it for 18 years, you might want to look into plastic surgery. Under the resource section at the top of the page you can find a dermatologist in your area. If you do not find a doctor ask on the group someone might know of a Derm in your area.

I am currently seeing Dr. Waner in NYC. I had my first plastic surgery in Feb. Next one is in Aug.

If you would like to talk more let me know.

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