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Hi Miriam,

First of all I wanted to thank you for posting that message. It brought a whole new prospective on relationships.
Out of all the adults with a vascular birthmarks that I know or have talked to (which are in the hundreds) I do have to say this. For some reason I know allot more women that are in relationships then guys. In my opinion guys except the looks of the person sooner then Women do. I know allot of people out there are judgemental in there own way so some people see the real you sooner then others. I just know allot more women that are married or married and have kids then men. I do not know if there is just more women out there with birth defects and/or there are just more women that get on these support groups because they are not affrad to share their feelings like most men are.
I admit I am one of those guys if you are sitting in the same room with me, but online I do not feel judged so I can open up more I guess.

I guess there is so many different stand points of relationships out there. I really depends of age and gender I guess.

Thank you again for that message Miriam. If anybody else wants to add to this topic please do. I like a wide range of opnions.

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