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If Dr. Yakes diagnosed the arm as having an AVM component or being one focal AVM, than it is an AVM. Otherwise, I'm concerned about the diagnosis since rarely is an AVM on an arm...components of an AVM or mixed lesion can be included as part of an overall arm birthmark, but rarely, if ever, is there one focal, localized tumor on an arm that is an AVM. It is usually a VM. An MRI with contrast to enhance the tumor will reveal what it is and should be read ONLY be an expert in reading vascular tumor images. Even a "great" radiologist who doesn't know how to read a vascular tumor image will confuse the diagnosis. Just make sure it is an AVM before treatment. I wrote a paper on AVMs and it is on the cover of our website. Read that before treatment so you know your options.

Linda Rozell-Shannon
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