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I have a large pws on my face neck legs, all over basically. I had 3 kids and only had problems during the last one. I got about 7 blebs, I am assuming these are what you call them. They look like a red or dark pink growth. I also had major problems with my gums, I had huge pregnancy tumors on them, not cancerous, and they continued until after the birth and until I stopped breast feeding. It was definately related to the hormonal changes the Dr. told me He never even mentioned the pws, but now I know thats what it was! I also had a large hematoma form in my uterus and I hemmoraged, the Dr.s had never seen one that size in the university hospital. But the baby was fine and ther is no explanation for that either. Now I wonder! I've only just begun learning about my birthmark since last week. I'm 32. But my other 2 pregnancies were normal so thaer really is no way to know for sure I guess
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