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Because a port wine stain has enlarged blood vessels and because pregnancy results in an increase of estrogen in the body (which is a natural blood vessel expander) most women with a PWS seek darkening or thickening during pregnancy and puberty and menopause.
Also, if you take the pill, the stain can progress. So, we always recommend no hormone therapy to women with a vascular malformation (stain, venous, lymphatic or arteriovenous).

If your stain is in the groin area, it can cause severe pain during pregnancy because of the increased blood flow.

If anyone is pregnant and having any problems during their pregnancy, please get in touch with one of our experts. The stain may not lighten after the pregnancy and may need to be lasered to get it back to the former "lighter" stage. However, I have heard some have lightened when the estrogen level went down to normal.

Heat also makes a stain look darker. Go in a jacuzzi and find out or use a hot pack on your face. See how it darkens the stain as the vessel enlarge from heat. So, anything that makes blood vessel get larger will make the stain look darker, bigger, etc.

Linda Shannon
VBF President/Founder
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