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My Name is Joseph and I recently had an embolization treatment with Dr. Yakes In Colorado. I Would like to start off by saying that it was a very enjoyable experience, and that Dr. Yakes is a very personable doctor. I stayed at the Denver Tech Center Marriott, which offers discounts to patients of the Swedish Hospital ( Where Dr. Yakes is located) at $50.00 a night. I have a VM located inside my left thigh and left side of my genitals. Right now there is considerable swelling but I was told that it was routine, and I am currently on a corticosteroid regimen to reduce swelling. The hospital staff was great. I was really afraid of being put under anesthesia, but I dont even remember the few minutes before they anesthisized me, so if anyone else is afraid of the anesthesia, dont worry because you wont even rember what happens. There really is no significant pain in the area, but they gave me vicodin incase the pain gets bad. The only real bad part about the procedure are the possible blisters that arise from the alchohol injections. I have a moderatley sized one on my inner thigh. Hopefully nothing bad will arise from that. I would be inclined to say that my experience with Dr. Yakes was great and that I cant wait to see the results after the swelling goes down. I hope to have several more treatments this year, so if any of you guys are interested in Dr. Yakes or the procedure, drop me a line and ask me some questions b/c I would be more than glad to answer them.
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