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Hank -

I just got through reading your story and viewing your website.* It took me a while because I cried through the whole thing.* You are a remarkable person! I am so touched that after all you have been through that you are so focused on helping others - like my family.* As a parent of a child with a large facial lymphatic malformation, I am only just beginning to understand a little of what you faced growing up.* Some of the things that people feel compelled to say still take my breath away.

I really appreciated your advice that you offer to parents on your website about how to support a childs social development.* I always pray that I am making the right decisions for my little girl, and she isn't even three yet.

When I look at your pictures, I don't see your birthmark - I see you.* I see a beautiful, strong and motivated person with a kind heart.* Just like I see with my little girl.* I wish the world would make the extra effort to look for the beauty of a person's soul, but part of what makes your soul so extrordinarily beautiful is your perserverence in the face of challenges.* I hope that God blesses me with enough wisdom to help my child's spirit grow as strong and beautiful as yours.

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