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My son is 22 months old. When he was born, the doctor told us what he had was a stork bite and that it would go away.
I asked her about his birthmark more than once and she said that it wasn't anything to worry about. Well, through another doctor,
we were told it's PWS. It's on the left side of his face. We will begin laser treatment in about a month. As a mother, I'm scared to death.
What should we expect? How painful will this be for him? They will be using a pulse dye laser and he will be asleep.
I want this to go as best it can, are there things I should ask for or about? And how do I care for it afterwards? How sore will it be?
I know I'm asking alot of questions, but we just found this out. I never really minded the birthmark, just thought it made him special.
I never knew there were health risks involved. I feel so guilty for not seeing someone else right away. I'd appreciate any help or advice
anyone can give me.
Thank you so much,
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