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Default Re: Many questions.....

What you said on here is completely normal for this site.
What you where referring to is what we call on this site "the mommy instict" (I know that is not spelled right). Mom's always think of the best for their child. That is normal and a lot of mothers on this site type what is on their mind. I do it too.

If your daughter ever wants to know why she needs to continue laser treatment show her my pictures I have on my website (address is in my profile). Geoff Ritchie's website address is on my site and his pictures would be another good one to show her what happen many years down the road without the right treatment. (if it starts to get aggresive) But I have never seen anybodies as bad as his. Your daughters PWS could ever get as bad as either of aweres with the technology these days and her's is not a grade 3. From her photos it looks like a grade 1 which is not very thick at all.

I wish you the best of luck on Friday and I can not wait to here how the treatment went when I get back from NYC from surgery on the 5th.

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