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Hi Erin, my name is Hank.

Well I have some good news for you, you are in the right please asking those questions because not only I can help but other parents on this web site can give you support and you can share storys.

First of all you should not feel guilty because it is not your falt that your son has a PWS it is a natural birth defect. I am 21 years old and I have hemangioma's and PWS's. I have been doing laser treatments for 14 years now and I have used four different lasers two of those lasers are pulse dye lasers. My question to you is what type of pulse dye is it. I have used a C-beam and a V-beam. I am thinking your son is going to have the V-beam because I know for sure it is safe for infants. You want to know what it feels like? It feels like somebody snapping you with a rubber band. It will not hurt him, but it will be sore. I do not know how his skin will will react to the laser because everybody is different and some have sincitive skin. Pritty much you would treat it like a sun burn because it feels like one except deeper into the skin. If the treatment swells and is really hot afterwards put Aloevera cream on it, and you will probably want to get some Triple antibiotic oniment because I am almost positive the treated area will swell for at least a week. Ask your doctor about what I have told you and see if this is nessary, because when I had the V-beam I did not put anything on it afterwards but since your child is younger it might have different side effects.

If you have any other questions or want more detail on what I have already told you please email me back because I am here for you and parents like you.

Talk to you soon.

Hank B
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