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Well we're home. It's nice to say that. Our trip was good other than a hotel issues, the hotel we had planned on staying at was supposed to have us be able to check in early.(I was prepared to pay for an extra night if they would have, told them that.) But unfortunately they didn't have a room ready for us until late late in the afternoon. Around 3 we went to the Shriners hospital to see our care coordinator and I told her what was going on, she called the Milner Hotel which is the one Gabbey and I always stay at, we were staying at a different hotel bc it was close to the hospital and my dad and oldest daughter went w/us this time. (That was soo nice to be able to show grandpa and big sissy!) Anyways we went to the milner got into our room and had a wonderful time Thursday night.

Friday was surgery day. Normally we are checked into the 7th floor which out there is the reconstructive unit. But they had a lot of burn patients on friday so we were on the sixth floor (which is a lot of's kinda a lobby area.) She was fourth to go in, and finally we got in. They give Gabbey some medicine before surgery to make her a little loopy as we say in our house lol. This was she never remembers going into the operating room. She's sleepy. The doctor wasn't happy that she wasn't seen in 9months. He said that if we get her in every 3 months then in a year hopefully she will be able to be only going out for "maint"...I hope he's right. I hope it's only 4 more surgeries. Realistically though I don't think it will be though. Surgery went very very well. She woke up and amazed the nurses again (she always does.) She went from being out cold to waking up, wanting something to drink, something to eat, to wanting the stuff out of her, and then it mom i gotta go the nurses said wow when she wakes up she's ready and rearing to go huh...I just laughed. That's the way she always is. We then went down and got sissy, and grandpa and went to see a few people she loves to see when we go out there. Then off to lunch lol. She didn't eat too well and ended up feeling sick to her tummy too much to eat. We had to go and get her prescription and then the Shriner volunteers gave us a ride back to the hotel.
Saturday we were up at 2:45am est to get ready to go to the airport. and strangely enough we had about 20extra minutes doing it that way lol. All was well when we got home finally at 10:00am cst. Long trip but nice.

Now I have a question for you all though while we were walking around Boston on Friday evening (when we walked down to get dinner) she took her hat and covered her face. I asked her why she did that, and she said bc of the the looks people are giving her. On saturday at the airport she was trying to hide her face at times. I asked her what was wrong while we were in line to get our airplane tickets and she said she didn't like that people were staring at her. I need to know if I did the right thing here. I got down to her level hugged her and sissy at the same time, and said, "People stare because they don't understand they don't know what's going on are too scared to ask. So they just stare. If you tell them what it is then you are able to inform one more person in this world." Did i do the right thing? How do i handle that? I don't want her to do feeling as if she has to hide bc of her birthmark. Noone should ever ever have to hide bc of it.
Any advice would help on this as she goes to school on tuesday.

Thanks ahead of time and good luck on surgery hank!
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