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Default Re: Many questions.....

I think you handled it beautifully!

Is this her first year of school? I'm assuming yes, because of her age. It's so hard to send our babies off to their first day of kindergarten....I cry every time. I know I will have a harder time sending Ben because of his facial difference....I'll be pacing all day. It will be doubly hard because he's the baby. Thank God it's still 2 years away. He always seems to amaze me though, he'll come home full of the day just like the others...I can almost bet on it.

Today, a well meaning woman leaned over to talk to Ben..."That's a pretty nasty bug bite you got, it even gave you a rash." Ben looks at here and is he says "where did the bug bite me?" She says, "Right there on your face" "Nope...that's my birthmark." She was a bit taken back, and sorry. So she did say I'm sorry to Ben. Ben said "Why?" He didn't even know it...but it was the perfect answer. Then he proceeded to show her a real bug bite....(a mosquito bit his arm). LOL That poor woman...she meant well. I think she was uncomfortable that I didn't intervene.

My older two kids went through this self conscious stage at about the age of 5....I think they finally realize that the world isn't just about them....and start to realize that we really do live in a very social society.

Sounds like your laser treatment went well....we're scheduled for our next in two weeks.

Julie H
Mom to Ben (multiple AVM's, PWS, SWS)
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