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What a neat story. I just shared that w/my hubby and kids. Today was her actual first day of school. She's in kindergarten, she went to preschool last year though, but this if the first time of being all day. She and Ellie (my oldest) went for an hour and half. It went great only a few kids asked and well she explained like she always does. She is loving the idea of school and I was very surprised w/how well the kids reacted to her and the teachers sure there were a few stares but nothing mean in them.

I have a story of my own lol. We were at walgreens yesterday buying aquaphor for school for her birthmark, as we were going through the checkout lane Gabbey says..."This is my birthmark, and I had surgery on friday." to the cashier. The lady looked at Gabbey and said "Oh I am sure you will look beautiful when it's all gone. " To be honest i was a bit taken back by her comment and kinda got mad i mean as if she isn't beautiful now? Anyways sorry lol Gabbey handled it very well...she said, "I am beautiful the way i am." The cashier quickly rang us through and tried not to comment. I did speak up prolly shouldn't have but I did. I told her that Gabbey feels self conscious right now and when people look at her she automatically tells them. The lady's reply was well when she's done w/surgeries she will be a beautiful little girl. (Of course at that time I am mad bc that's the second time something was said to her/me about what she will look like after.) I did politely tell the lady that Gabbey is beautiful no matter what we are just doing this for medical reasons. I have to look at it this way though, at least we informed one more person.

Thanks for listening,
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