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Reading some the of the posts and looking at my sons birthmark, I have no question that he has a port wine stain now. It has turned darker almost over night, though still has times you can only faintly see it. We are going to the Milwaukee Children's Hospital at the end of the month and will find out treatment options. My question is how do should we handle peoples questions, comments, and help our son so he will not suffer emotionally as he grows up. I understand that we must first accept it ourselves and come to terms with this new thing I knew nothing about. There are so many emotions and I find myself getting slightly on edge when I see someone in a store look at our baby and than that brings on the feelings of guilt. He is an adorable little boy and I should not feel like people are looking at his PWS. I know if I dont get a grip on that he will be able to sense what I am feeling. I love my child and dont want anyone to cause him pain including myself so I am hoping someone can share what they have done to deal with this and what they tell their child.
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