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Hi !! A pws usually does not "grow" or spread. It will grow with the child though. The size of the area if you measured it, would measure larger as the child grows, since it grows with them But usually, the deficiency in the nerves does not "spread". You will always hear the exception to the "rule". I am only aware of one adult that has said that she now sees a small area of pws that she knows was never there before SInce every pws is different, nothing is ever written in stone so to speak.
Pws usually returns. That is why most docs will say that with the current laser technology, you need at least yearly treatments to help keep progression at bay. Many believe that what pws is left-what the laser was unable to reach etc.- can return or proliferate as they call it...... In the future if laser technology advances so pws can be eradicated 100 percent, that yearly maintenance opinion may change. We can all hope....
Please before you make your self crazy, find out for sure if it is a pws. Once you have a correct diagnosis, and have a plan, you will know what direction that you need to go in. I would hate to know that you are sitting there think about SWS, Glaucoma and laser tx and it is not a pws. That has happened before . Believe me when I tell you........... Corinne can tell you storied for hours about all the mis-diagnosed parents that she has dealt with...........
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