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If your child is asleep, there should be little to no pain. They will most likely give some tylenol before leaving the hospital. That is what they do for my dd. We are advised to put bacitracin on the treated area to keep it moist as long as we see purpura(the bruising caused by the laser). Some only use aquaphor. Do not use neosporin on the face! You should keep your child out of the sun for at least 2 weeks before the treatment and it is recommended to keep them out of any direct sun while purpura is present and out of the sun for a couple of months after the treatment. this will affect the treatment. after the purpura is gone, use a sunblock daily and hats. Do not give any ibuprofen, asprin or antianflammitory a week or two before or after treatments. this will also affect the treatment/results. some docs will tell you to put ice on the treated area for 10 minutes on 10 minutes off for a while after treatment for pain and swelling. elevate the head of the crib at night to reduce any swelling. there should be no scabbing or blisters with a good laser specialist who knows what he/she is doing and especially if a cooling method is used with the laser. just make certain the laser doc really knows what he/she is doing. the purpura(bruising) can last anywhere from 7 to 21 days. It takes 8 weeks and more to see true fading/results.

i think that is about it. oh, some adults say they put aloevera with lidocain in the fridge and apply it. our docs have not recommended that, but i'm certain it will be okay as it is a burn.

try not to worry too much. my dd has had 9 treatments since the age of 6 months old. she has done fine.
remember if the pws is located on or around the eye area, you should be having regular glaucoma screenings about every 6 months. if it is not located on or around the eye area, then don't worry about it.

best wishes and happy fading
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