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Default some questions, need help please.


i'm a 20 year old guy from portugal and i've had this birthmark on the right side of my face since i was born. i've already had 5 laser treatments and now it is much lighter than it was in my early years.

i never cared too much about it until lately because i was always self-confident but now i'm loosing that confidence. i think i have been more and more self-conscious about it because i notice that people look at me when i pass. my friends are always telling not to laser it because it's my trademark and they like me the way i am, but you guys should know the kind of stress one goes through when you have a mark like this, specially on your face and specially at an age when you want to find a partner and you are afraid of rejection because of it.

can you guys please check my photos and tell me what type of birthmark this is? i suspect it is a port wine stain.


i did my last laser treatment last summer. meanwhile i had to do a roaccutane course for persistent acne (i must be cursed!!!), which i finished on april 8th. i have read somewhere that you shouldn't laser your face until 6 months after you finish roaccutane but can anyone confirm this?

and my last question is: should i continue with laser or should i go for plastic surgery? will this birthmark completely disappear eather way (laser or surgery) ?

thanks for reading this

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