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Of course I am not a doctor, but it does appear to be a pws. Treating it is wise as it can cause complications later in life in about 70% of those with a pws. Deciding whether or not to continue treamtents is a personal one. Laser technology is good, but it is rare to eradicate the entire lesion. The laser treatments can fade or eradicate some of the lesion and keep the possiblity of complications at bay. Complications generally appear in the 3rd to 5th decade of life, but can affect a pwser at any age. A plastic surgeon will not be able to do anything to remove it. PWS is extra abnormal blood vessels within the skin that lack nerve supply. The blood pools in the weak vessel walls. Teh most important thing when approaching treatments is entering it with realistic expectations and finding a laser surgeon who is truly an expert lasering pws. The laser device is another factor, as well as the location of the pws.

You should consider joining the pws email group as there are others your age and adults who are dealing with the same issues. Of course there are parents of pwsers a part of the group, such as myself, but I have learned much from these wonderful folks. go to: to join the pws community.

It is very true you should not use accutane when doing laser treatments!!!!!!

BTW, you are very good looking and should continue your confidence!!! I'm certain you are nice on the inside as well. Too bad you are so far away and 20 as I would love you to meet my oldest daughter one day! She is only 16, but gorgeous.

you can see my youngest daughter's results after just 3 treatments on the front page.

keep us posted
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