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Default Re: Can anyone recommend a good makeup to cover up PWS??

I have tried different brants of make up on my pws wich is on the most part of my face, lips and neck. The best one, which I'm using the last 5 years, is the one of Estee Lauder called "maximum cover". There are different shades of this make up. I use the 'medium' one. Depents on the skin colour.

I can imagine how your child feels since I myself had to go through this. People are always curious when it comes to these matters. I remember that I became 13 to cover it up with make up. At early age I used to get very upset and cry when people kept asking me about my pws. But with time, and with great support from my parents and brother I realised that I am only as natural as anyone else. I became used to people asking me and most of the times I didn't even bother to answer. The way people stare at you and the way the ask you"what is that on your face", or "did you burn your self" and all these kind of questions are really annoying when you are a child. By growing up a person with a pws (speaking from my experience) becomes a very strong character and a very indipending person.

do try this make up and you will see from yourself that it actually works.
I hope all the best for your child.

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