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Default how to tell someone, *new*youth

hey, I'm new to this site, I decided to search what the plastic surgeon wrote down on a post-it of what i have, hemangenoma(sp?) or whatnot. So here I am I am a youth. I was born with it, but noone really knew what it was or what to do with it.* last week I was told that because of the delicate location of it, that surgery might leave just as bad of a mark if not more reddish, so that it would be better to just let it be.* You can't really see it unless I decided to wear a bikini or a low cut shirt etc, which i have avoided to this point in my life.* Sometimes I wish I could just wear whatever my friends were wearing.* Now I'm just curious, I have avoided getting into serious relationships because I know I have to eventually tell the guy.* I'm just wondering how I could tell a guy I like about this, I'm just worried that at this age, it's hard to get a guy to understand, since we live in such a vain world.* what exactly can I say, or how do I bring up the topic in conversation? hopefully he'll be understanding about it. any advice would help.* *I wish it would just go away or that surgery would just leave a tiny line..but nope, I think I'm a few years away from being okay with it.
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