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Default Re: how to tell someone, *new*youth


I am 26 and have a Venous-Lymphatic Malformation throughout my left arm/elbow. First off, don't worry about telling a guy becuase if it does become serious it shouldn't be an issue. I know that it's easy to say that but I am confident if you feel comfortable and think it's serious enough to share with a guy he will feel the same way you do and not think much of it.

My next question is, when you were diagnosed with a hemangioma was it by a Vascular Anaomlies specialist? These are often misdiagnosed and called a hemangioma when it's not as true hemangiomas invoulute (go away/fade) on their own by about 9 or 10. I was originally told at one point that I had a hemangioma when in fact it's an LVM.

I recommend checking the find a doctor page and see if a specialist is located near you, if not on the main page is an "Ask the Expert" section I would send one of them a note and a picture and get thier opinon, Good Luck and keep us posted!!

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