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I've never told someone other than family about it, I'm not sure hwo to say it "theres something i need to show you..i was born with..." ... i'm not sure how to ease into the news haha, any opinion on how to lead into the conversation ?

I don't think he was a specialist?* My mother said she took me to the hospital a lot when i was little as they watched its progress, but they didn't know what it was, it started off as just a red line, like a scratch, then started getting bigger, and plum color.* Now it is a light pink, and the size of about...I don't egg cut in half? haha.

I've heard that it's cancer from one doctor (who was wrong) , that it's just extra skin and can just be sown up from another, and i finally set up an appointment with a plastic surgeon, and he said that its a hemangenoma(sp?).* it is located on the right center of my chest, as a girl, it is uncomfortable, i can;'t wear the nice bikinis my friends wear, and the plastic surgeon says that when they do any kind of surgery on the chest of females...thats the one area the all try to avoid at all costs because it is impossible to make a mark not visible.

Now i really didnt care if there was a line, or something from a scar, but he says it may look worse with a scar, the only difference it would be more flat and not such thin skin. but he says it may stretch, and when i am pregnant, may swell and be even more visible. he said he doesnt suggest doing anything.* so i tried to hold in tears as i left the office as "great im stuck with it" kind of thing.
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