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Default Re: how to tell someone, *new*youth


Are you able to send a pic of it to one of the specialists? I understand that since it's on the chest you might not want to but it will be easier than now knowing. There are I am sure ways to treat it, I am not a doctor but I was also told nothing could be done but things can be done. I was also told about the chance of it being cancer and that my arm should be amputated. This is such a understudied area that many doctors will call any vascular birthmark a hemangioma when in reality if you are an young adult/adult chances are it is not a hemangioma.

What state do you live in? As for telling people well, it's one of those need to know type things, my was never like that as my arm that has the LVM is larger than the other and often has severe bruising so I have never had that problem, people just come out and ask me what it is..LoL But hey if you feel the need to tell someone for whatever reason, I suggest just coming out with and explain it to them, I am sure they will listen, hey you never know they might know of someone with something similiar.

Also if you are not happy with what that doc said, go get another opinon and keep going til you feel "right" with what the doctor says, it's what my parents did when they were told my arm would need to be amputated, and I am beyond thankful for that. Even though I have pain,bruising and swelling....

Let me know if I can help with anything else.

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