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Default Re: how to tell someone, *new*youth


I agree with Kristie. You should seek another opinion. If you can not find someone in resource at the top of the page let us know where you are located and we might know of someone in your area you can go see.

To your first post you made about telling it to a guy. Being a guy I would want you to be honest about your hemangioma. If you explain it to him in short and easy form he will understand better. Like " I would like to tell you something you do not know about and it is hard for me to explain it etc etc"

I have had two plastic surgeries on my Port Wine Stain birthmark in New York City. Dr. Waner is a very good but expensive doctor. Dr. Livitin the "ask the expert surgeon" works with Dr. Waner his daughter has had hemangioma removed a few years ago by Dr. Waner.

I hope this helps and I will talk to you soon.

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