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Hi. There are 2 docs that are currently testing a new laser. I believe it is called the Cynergy by Cynosure. It is a combo yag and pdl. It is still being tested.
If you feel that you have "maxed" out the current pdl, there is an IPL laser. Photoderm is an IPL laser. It works differently than a pdl but I have heard many adults say that they have had results with the Photoderm after the results with the PDL had stopped. There are many "types" of a pdl that can be tried. If you are using the V Beam, they can try the C Beam, or V Star. It depends on your doctor and what he feels may be most beneficial to you.
As of now, the pdl is the choice for treating pwsl. The Photoderm does have a higher propensity for scarring so you would need to see someone who has awesome knowledge of ipl lasers.
I would reccommend that when you go back for a tx, talk to your doctor and tell you how you feel and what suggestions he may have.
SOme doctors have the feeling that it is as light as it is going to get at this point-with the current technology- and they just want to do one or two maintenance tx's a year. If that is the case, then you need to speak to him. Do you live in or near New York?
I am in the same situation with my little one. She "maxed" out the pdl very early on. She goes yearly for maintenance but I have seen no fading in years.She is only 4 so I have some time to decide if I want to try another laser also
Good luck.....
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