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Default First Post - The ONE thing I wish I'd known about/done when I was younger.

This is the first time I've posted here so a brief bit of background. My name's Brian, I'm 33 and I have a port wine stain on my face. Looking back on my younger days I want to pass on the one thing I wished I'd known about and done when I was younger, rather than waiting till I was 27.

If you're young and have something like a port wine stain, seriously think about getting into for want of a better term is called the 'alternative' scene. This is for two main reasons.

One - these people are the people who don't fit into conventional society already. This promotes a certain solidarity and camaderie, and makes them far less judgemental on people who don't fit in for other reasons - facial disfigurements, homosexuality, unusual sense of style etc. They're all misfits already!

Two - OTT makeup is common on both girls and guys! You don't have to agonise about whether someone might notice you're wearing makeup, or that it's unusually heavy or anything like that - You'll look like any other goth or mansonite.

This isn't a solution for everyone, but if you're coming up against things in the conventional social scene that you just don't want to be dealing with it's worth a shot. Maybe I'll get grief - "mainstream society should just accept us and treat us no differently!" type rants, but I'm talking about real life, not some non-existant utopian ideal. And I KNOW it works from personal experience. There are many paths to dealing with facial disfigurement, and this one is as valid as any other. Whether we like it or not, we do get treated differently, and anything that can eliminate that is worth consideration.

I wish someone had tolde me about this a hell of a lot earlier than I did, I could've saved myself a load of grief.

So if you're young and worrying about how your'e going to fit in anywhere, maybe this is the thing for you. But hey - it's just my opinion - make up your own minds!


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