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Hi Christopher
My name is Gina. our daughter christy asge 8, also has a venous malformation left leg with involvement to perineal area. her VM is quite extensive extends from ischeal tuberosity to toes. including thigh muscle, left knee, involvement of tibia bone and foot.
dr burrows in boston has diagnosed. recent pain issues with left knee....found lesion to be behind patella (knee cap). dr burrows feels it is an easy to reach lesion and should be treated via scleratherapy.
My question to you....what prompted you to treat your VM, is there benefit to holding off on treatment, and how are you doing right now, a monnth or so after treatment.
If you dont mind, I am interested in your age and some of the issues you have had with your VM. My interest in you is because of the location of your VM...same location as our christy. Have you had issues with leg lenght discrepency? how is thhe appearance of your affected there swelling?
I appreciate your input and attention to my email.
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