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Default Venous Malformation

I am looking for info regarding Venous malformation. Our 8yr old daughter Christy has a venous malformation, quite extensive left leg from perineum throughout leg to foot. I am interested in othher similar cases. She has issues of pain involving left knee. has been recommended that we have a sclerotherapy treatment to this local lesion behind the kneecap.
I am very comfortable with the diagnosis as dr burrows diagnosed her. our local docs called it everything but a VM. It is only venous, no arterial or lymphatic involvement.
When is treatment it best to hold off on treatment as long as possible? I am innterested in hearing posts from others who have similar diagnosis, esp. location as Christy...leg.
I am interested if leg leght discrepencys exist, swelling etc. At this time thhere is a 2cm leg length discrepency with Christy. Shhe does not have swelling except for the knee, occasionally. When the knee swells it is after activity. She is quite active!
Any information will be greatly appreciated!
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