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Well, I'm 33 and still dressing up! I can see your point though. I should probably point out that this is something I only do socially and then not all the time. During the day I don't bother hiding who I am. If I'm going to the cinema, or down the pub for a couple of drinks I don't either. But if I'm hitting a major london club, hey I want to look my best! So I put my contacts in, fix my hair, sort my makeup, wear my coolest gear and know that if I get stared at, it's cos I'm looking damn hot!

I don't think using this strategy is necessarily incompatible with getting ahead in life, marrying, getting a career etc, though it may influence the directions you take.

In essence I no longer need to do this - using this strategy built my self confidence to the point where I realised I no longer 'needed' to do it - it was a choice I could make.

We all present 'masks' in different situations. Everyone 'fakes' it a little, I just do it more than some other people!

Like I said - it's aimed at the kids who really can't see a future, who are afraid they'll always be defined by the mark. Without exception, everyone I've met in 'goth' mode, who's met me afterwards has said they couldn't care less about the birthmark, it's more been something I've done for myself. When I put the mask on, I could go out socially knowing that I wouldn't have to second guess what everyone was thinking - it's a bit difficult to put into words, but I could actually be 'me' more with the makeup than without. I could relax, knowing that I wouldn't have to deal with questions or feel self-concious about things.

Thanks for replying

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