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Pretty creative with the wrapping of the books and what ya had to say was helpful, thanks

we got pretty good news at our Dermatalogist appointment. She said he has a low grade PWS and that she did not feel it would show anywhere other than what we see right now. A good deal of his PWS will be in his hairline and would not be treated, the remainder covers about half his forehead, maybe a little less. The doc said she did not feel we needed an MRI at this point as it did not seem to involve his eye, but wants him to see the eye doc twice a year. She wants to wait several months for treatment to see if he has any fading and would not want to put him through more treatments than needed. We have to go back in late spring if we opt for treatment and if insurance will cover it. We never knew being a parent was so up and down. I am so glad we did not wait six months to see the specialist like our pediatrician wanted, we would have went insane. At our most recent pediatrician appointment the nurse told us that we shouldn't worry about the rash on his forehead as it will go away and is completely normal. Makes me question if they know anything about children, but can understand even more how other people could look and wonder if our nurse even gets it wrong.
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