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Hey there Gina

Sorry to hear about your daughter Christy, these kinda things are unfortunate, especially in the area that our malformations are located. The best thing to do with these is just run with it and not to dwell too much on the negative aspects the malformation can throw at you. Well Gina, in response to your first question, I sought help for my VM due to complications that arose (IE pain, discomfort while standing, and swelling). Being that it is in the perineal area as well, has taken an emotional toll on me as well. I am a 24 year old college student, male, and hispanic. Most of the issues I have had with my VM, are related only to pain, and discomfort. If you let these kinda these "just go" and not do anything about them, they have a tendacy to grow with you, and slowly progress in size. I feel I have a time bomb on my leg sometimes and I need an explosives expert to diffuse it for me b/c I cannot do it on my own. That is where Dr. Yakes comes in. He is a real personable Dr. who operates out of the Swedish Medical Center in Denver. The staff rocks, and the sclerotherapy is a godsend compared to other, much more invasive alternatives. The only reason why I had held off on treatment for my Vm was that there were not the vast amount of safe(er) treament options back then, that we have today. I emphasize safe(er) only because there is always a risk involved with any typed of treatment, only that present treatments allow for minimal blood loss, and/or the evident fact that they are less invasive "treaments" versus the standard operation (which leads to massive blood loss in most cases involving high flow AVM's). Are you reffering to Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome when you mentioned a length discrepency? No, I have not experienced this phenomena due to the fact that my VM is for the most part a superficial Venous Malformation. The only area that it is located hypodermically is above my pubic area, and a small clump on the inside of my thigh. It feels like a clump of veins right under the skin. But for the most part, my VM affects the venous structures located within the skin. Gina,please feel free to email anytime or Private message me on any of my instant messenger monakers that I have specified in my profile. You and Christy take care.
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